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Leadership Best Practices for Strategic Decision Makers

About us

Based on breakthrough research between Quad Assessment and Monash University, The Business Acumen Course is a data-driven approach to getting the best possible results from your organization through your leadership and management.  We build organizational value by empowering VALUE CREATORS.  Unlike other leadership development programs, our work is based on research on the specific capabilities that enable leaders to create value in their organizations.  Read on to find out more. 

Join like-minded senior executives and leadership experts for an immersive experience designed to help you exceed expectations and achieve great results.

Why you should join us

Delivering real value to your organization requires business acumen. We're the experts in defining, demystifying, and developing business acumen in leaders just like you. 

Join us for access to a full year of learning, community and connection that supports your unique leadership in context and helps you to get better business results. We've created a "living library" of best practices for leading in a VUCA environment - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - including cutting edge research on the eleven capabilities of Business Acumen. Modules include deep dives into Mindset, Foresight, Decision Making, Resource Management, Financial Literacy, and more. We've specifically created this program to be relevant and valuable to  senior level business decision-makers and their successors.

Through thousands contributions of leaders worldwide to our research, we've designed this process to provides a positive leadership impact in a condensed amount of time by leveraging the expertise of world-class researchers and practitioners, and the most important people of all - the executives who make strategic decisions every day. 

Membership benefits include...

  • Access to practical learning modules for all eleven capabilities of business acumen, including exercises, reading, videos and more, all designed to be immediately actionable in your organisation. 
  • Attend exclusive expert speaker presentations and events.
  • Connect with peers. You'll meet leaders just like you and share insights, experiences and perspectives.
  • Use just in time resources at your fingertips to use when you need them. Need a teambuilding exercise? We've got you. Need a template for strategic planning or a refresher on cashflow? We've got you.
  • At the premium level you'll get your own individual Business Acumen Gauge multi-rater assessment and a debrief with a Master Business Acumen Coach.
  • Access add on services from ongoing one-on-one coaching to team programs to specialty cohort groups. 

Businesses are facing new and significant challenges.  Are you ready? 

Is your organization prepared for the future? Does this sound familiar?

  • 84% of organisations anticipate a shortfall of leaders by 2028. All claim high importance to develop leaders at all levels, but only 5% have implemented solutions. 
  • In post-covid lockdown we have changed the structure of the workplace.  Globally employees have permanently shifted how often they are in the office. Hybrid and virtual employment structures are more common, and managing remote workers is uncharted territory. 
  • Rapidly expanding AI capabilities are changing the landscape of employment, of problem solving, of research, of executing tasks both simple and complex. Is your organization aware and competitive within this new landscape? 
  • As the world copes with unprecedented rapid change is your organization adapting quickly? Are your leaders flexible and resilient?
  • Are you still sending your leaders to executive MBA programs that take them away from the job for long periods of time? We've designed our curriculum to target unique strengths and unique development needs that get real business results - fast. 

Results of The Business Acumen Course

Better efficiency:  Good business acumen leads to better efficiency, as employees understand the way different elements of the business interact with each other

Understanding of consequences: Those with good business acumen are likely to think more strategically about their actions, as they will understand they have consequences

Logical responses: Good business acumen helps employees respond logically to issues that may arise, as they understand the context

  • Make better decisions
  • Better understand value and risk
  • Leverage tools for team building and collaboration
  • Work with tools and strategies to focus on future opportunities and threats and find actionable solutions
  • Execute strategy with better communication of strategic imperatives down the line
  • Generate optimism and resilience in the face of change through cultivating a learning and growth mindset 
  • Improve management of financial, physical, time and human resources
  • Improve employee engagement for participants and their direct reports
  • Develop leaders and their successors, including high potentials 

If you've been invited already by your organization...

Once you are approved by your organization you'll receive a link with access to The Business Acumen Course.  Once you've come on board we'll guide you to engage with the materials and get the most out of your individual or group program. We're here to support, enlighten, and to provide in the moment value when you need it most.

If you're a business student...

While the content in The Business Acumen Course was was designed for senior leadership, we've also got a great cohort just for you. Do you want to learn from and connect to experts in leadership and senior leaders who are where you want to be in your future?  Join us for a unique MBA and undergraduate business student experience that will enable to you gain wisdom, skills and relationships that will prepare you for the world of business leadership.  To sign up your student cohort reach out to us at [email protected].

If you're an experienced executive coach...

If you have a minimum of 5 years of corporate executive coaching or CEO coaching in entrepreneurial organizations you're the perfect candidate for our Business Acumen Gauge Master Coach Certification. This will allow you to interpret the unique insights provided by the Business Acumen Gauge multi-rater assessment tool, and will augment your ability to work with senior leaders cultivating their own Business Acumen. As a certified Master Coach you can order, deliver, and coach using the Business Acumen Gauge and the accompanying materials within The Business Acumen Course.  Sign up for our next session by selecting "Choose a Plan" above and select our Master Coach Certification program. The program is offered quarterly so if you need to know the dates prior to signing up contact us at [email protected].

If you are an organizational sponsor, team leader or group representative...

Email us at [email protected] to set up your cohort group today.

What You'll Get with The Business Acumen Course...


The Business Acumen Gauge multi-rater assessment is part of the premium package for The Business Acumen Course. If you have elected to take the assessment you'll receive an invitation and information at the outset of the program to guide you through the process.   Your coach will provide you a targeted, individualised development recommendation for engaging with the materials that follow. 

Business Acumen Gauge - Sample Individual Report - Global Division MD- .pdf


Events include discussions, livestreams, webinars, meetings and live group chat. For private cohorts you may have your own private events. We have great guest speakers and informational sessions where you can interact with experts in Business Acumen and its application to leadership.


For each capability there is a set of learning materials and tools. These modules include Course Materials and chat functionality. Course Materials are designed to be useful and practical information, and they are also designed for interaction.  


For your team, group of executives, high-potential managers, line leaders, MBA students or successors we provide private cohort spaces for private events, conversations and information sharing. 


We work with coaching partners who are certified Business Acumen Coaches. These executive coaches have a minimum of five years of experience coaching at senior executive levels, and they have been trained in the Business Acumen Gauge assessment and the research behind it. 

Email us at [email protected] for more information on custom cohorts or coaching programs available for you and your business. 

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